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Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures 2013 720p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG
M7 V10 A10
3 minutes ago
fusspot 73, M, United Kingdom
Not exactly my kind of movie, but I enjoyed it and liked it. I think what makes it tick is the interesting and imaginative characters which are portrayed.The colouring in the film is excellent and equally the acting is more than good. Nice!
Beautiful Creatures (2013) 720p BrRip x264 - YIFY
M8 V8 A8
4 years ago
METHOD 58, M, United Kingdom
A compelling tale of a teenager who falls for a witch. Richard LaGravenese adds that special touch to this enjoyable movie.
M10 V10 A10
4 years ago
xfive 36, M, Oman
great movie especially for Twilight fan
really wonderful move you must watch it
i love it and i love the story this is real love story with more passion
all is great Video , Audio and the whole movie
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The Witness The Witness 2018 720p HDRIp Ganool
M9 V10 A10
57 minutes ago
airwavemac 28, M, Philippines
subs please...
Active Measures Active Measures (2018) [WEBRip] 1080p x264 - YIFY
M1 V9 A9
4 hours ago
frunkkis 32, M, United States
"Muh Russia" hysteria. Pure propaganda from sore losers who can't accept that it took actually Americans (not Russians nor bots nor spam emails) who actually got up went out to the voting booth and vote.
Lost Fare Lost Fare 2018 720p AMZN WEB-DL MkvCage
M8 V9 A9
8 hours ago
hasitha 31, M, Sri Lanka
Really good movie actually. I wasn't sure when I downloading it, but only after watched it I realized that I was so wrong. And It deserves lot more
IMDB rating than 6.1.
The Meg The Meg (2018)
M2 V5 A5
12 hours ago
Cerian 38, M, United States
Scientifically comprehensively nonsensical, hammily over-acted, and the super-gluttony of a meg, (a giant squid, 4 boats, a smaller meg, and many human snacks), makes for an overall poor effort.
The Meg 2018 720p KORSUB HDRip x264 AAC2 0-STUTTERSHIT
M-- V7 A7
4 days ago
SerialKillerJTR 44, M, United Kingdom
Good picture & sound,still not perfect as video seems to lag in certain parts but very watchable,going to try out the EVO copy now
The Meg 2018 1080p KORSUB HDRip x264 AAC2 0-STUTTERSHIT
M-- V9 A9
5 days ago
Wassy 39, M, United Kingdom
A very watchable copy. Audio and video in sync. Much improved 9n previous copies.
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